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Special Needs Trusts

Many trustees can provide you with Special Needs Trust administration; however, very few administrators have the compassion to administer your trust in the most flexible and beneficial way possible.

We, and our partners, take pride in developing a personal relationship with every client and need to understand their challenges and needs to design a plan that fits them. Many trustees consider a Special Needs Trust to be rigid and inflexible, but we believe hard work and proper documentation can allow much needed flexibility.

Claimant expectations are important to understand and educate. In order to provide you with the best possible experience, our partners  have assembled  a team made up of attorneys, case managers, nurses, accessible transportation experts and real estate/construction consultants. We look forward to using all  of our resources to serve you.

Permissible Services

A trustee is directed to consider basic living needs when making distributions, and to consider distributions such items as:

Residential expenses beyond basic rent costs, including but not limited to, furnishings, utilities, telephone, television, internet, computer services, electronic equipment such as radios, televisions, CD’s, video recording, camping, vacations, athletic contests, movies, payment for a companion or attendant, companions for travel, automobile expenses, travel and vacation, educational expenses, adaptive aids, other expenses related to leisure, recreation and cultural experiences, personal care such as exercise class, hair and nail care or massage and other therapies, prepaid funeral expenses, mental or dental work or treatment and nonessential medical procedures.  In addition,  “special needs” or “supplemental needs”  may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy not covered by public benefits… Medical and dental expenses, annual independant check-ups, periodic independent medical examinations and opinions, equipment, programs of training, education, treatment and rehabilitation, eyeglasses, transportation ( including the purchase and maintenance of a vehicle) insurance, supplementary dietary needs, general preventative care including vision and dental checkups. 

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